Company News
Hy-Tech has purchased two track mills for use in our shop. The installation of these machines will increase our capabilities and decrease our production times.
The continued growth of Hy-Tech Machining Systems has gained recognition from the local community and the city of Anderson.
We are moving forward with our building plans. We have cleared the property and look to break ground as soon as we have the plans worked out.

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Machines for Sale
At Hy-Tech we always have rebuilt and retrofitted machines ready for production in your shop.
Parts Manufacturing
From prototypes and one offs to full scale production runs Hy-Tech Machining has the capabilities to handle all of your production jobs.
Carbide Inserts
Hy-Tech Machining offers a variety of carbide inserts.
Hy-Tech has toolmakers and tooling designers with decades of experience to satisfy your most complex tooling needs.
GE Infinia Calibration Phantoms
Hy-Tech Machining is the preferred supplier of GE Infinia calibration phantoms and accessories.
Medical Imaging Linearity Phantoms and Accessories
In Addition to the Infinia imaging system Hy-Tech manufactures calibration phantoms and accessories for many makes and models.

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