Company News
Hy-Tech has purchased two track mills for use in our shop. The installation of these machines will increase our capabilities and decrease our production times.
The continued growth of Hy-Tech Machining Systems has gained recognition from the local community and the city of Anderson.
We are moving forward with our building plans. We have cleared the property and look to break ground as soon as we have the plans worked out.

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Machinery Moving and Rigging
One of our main services presently is to load, haul, and unload machinery from one facility to another location within Central Indiana. We have a very knowledgeable crew who can get the machines ready to run in a short period of time. We have been contracted on a number of occasions to transport machinery, unload, level, wire, and have the machinery up and running for them.

We moved a large amount of machinery to Mexico for a major corporation over a two year period. Our crew then traveled to Mexico on several occasions and set the machines in place, hooked them up to power, had successful runoffs, and returned on occasions for repairs. This plant has been running a successful production operation ever since.

We have the following equipment:
  • Volvo Semi Tractor
  • 70,000 Lb. Landoll Trailer
  • 24,000 Lb. Miller Trailer
  • 35,000 Lb. Hoist Fork Truck with extended forks
  • (2) 10,000 Lb. Fork Trucks
  • Over $ 100,000 of Renishaw and Hamar Precision Laser Leveling and Squaring Equipment

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