Company News
Hy-Tech has purchased two track mills for use in our shop. The installation of these machines will increase our capabilities and decrease our production times.
The continued growth of Hy-Tech Machining Systems has gained recognition from the local community and the city of Anderson.
We are moving forward with our building plans. We have cleared the property and look to break ground as soon as we have the plans worked out.

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Laser Alignment Services
Hy-Tech offers a wide variety of laser calibration and alignment services. Because of our experience as machine builders, we understand how a machine must be aligned and squared to get the proper conditions before a calibration is attempted. Many laser companies are not machine builders and do not understand how to set up to get a good alignment.

We have a new Renishaw calibration laser system that is accurate within .000020 of an inch in linear moves. We also have (3) Hamar lasers that will check straightness along with flatness, and a squaring device that will check to see how square two and three axes are with one another. We have a spindle alignment laser to check for alignment between two axes. We can check a lathe headstock and tailstock for proper alignment in different positions throughout the distance of travel on the turning distance. We can align large motors to the driven unit, such as motors that drive large pumps or blowers.

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