Company News
Hy-Tech has purchased two track mills for use in our shop. The installation of these machines will increase our capabilities and decrease our production times.
The continued growth of Hy-Tech Machining Systems has gained recognition from the local community and the city of Anderson.
We are moving forward with our building plans. We have cleared the property and look to break ground as soon as we have the plans worked out.

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CNC Retrofitting

That is the manufacturers question.

CNC Machining has come from something that would be nice to have to a necessity for many shops. The trouble is, new CNC machines are expensive. How about keeping the machines you already have, and gain the benefits that CNC has to offer.
  • Drastically faster set-up times
  • Highly Accurate
  • Consistent Repeatability
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Less skilled labor (most cases)
  • Ease of automated machining
  • Increased safety
  • Productivity
  • Movements that impossible on manual machines
  • Ability to move all 3 axes at the same time
  • Customer Satisfaction - some companies require it of their suppliers on certain parts
We can convert your existing machine tools to CNC or we can find a machine, repair it or rebuild it, convert some or all of it to CNC, setup all of the tooling, create the fixtures, write the programs, and prove out the whole setup in our shop so that you get a CNC Machine Tool ready to make parts. Of course we can do all of this or some of this. The nature of our business allows for great variety of customization to solve your manufacturing problems.

You may be thinking,

"I can get an older automatic type mechanical machine that will produce the parts faster."

Depending on the part being made, that can be true. In those cases, why not have one of these classic machines, but with CNC components that allow for faster loading, faster set-ups, increased accuracy, ability to compensate for wear or errors with offsets in the CNC controller, and many other potential benefits depending your application.

If you have ever considered a CNC Machine, please call us to look at your options, through retro fitting it might be a whole lot more cost effective than you think.

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