Company News
Hy-Tech has purchased two track mills for use in our shop. The installation of these machines will increase our capabilities and decrease our production times.
The continued growth of Hy-Tech Machining Systems has gained recognition from the local community and the city of Anderson.
We are moving forward with our building plans. We have cleared the property and look to break ground as soon as we have the plans worked out.

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Carbide Inserts
For pricing or information on our carbide inserts for sale please contact our main facility.


DNMG 432 HS70
TNMG 432 HS80
TNMG 432 AHK70
TNMG 221 MF70
TNMG 221 ENK60
DNGG 432 ADR80
CNGG 432 ADP70

Carboloy / SECO Inserts

WCMX 030208-86TP-151181020
WCMX 050308-86TP-151181330
13NM 16 UN525M2539316
14ER 1.5 RCP-302594650
16ER 32 UNJCP-307433020
16EL 12 UNCP-307438720
17NM 16 UNHX-0452548510
335.18 1606T M12525M1644120
20ER 3.55 DY25M2603120
20ER 3.55 ST525M2599520
218.19-080T-75AC P40560M1633420
RNMA 43-E3700181520
RNMA 43 E-4856005764120
RPHT 1204MOT-78T25M1710820
RPHT 1204MOT-78525M1623340
TNMG 322-MR437007380299
TNMA 544F8830730020
TNMG 332E5154040320
TPG 432F8905017970
TCMT 16T304-F2TP206814830
TNMA 334TX-1507960720
TNMA-43 NGR-12552600224 40
TNMG 333E-485164049560
TNMA 54 NG 250883N/A40
TPMC 43 NGR W1258300149220
SNMG 644-MR4CP-25777181160
SNMG 644-MR7TP-2007980680
SNMA 644E57042376330
SNMA 644TX-10036994180
SPG 6333700429040
SNMG 543 E-485163804420
SNMA 644F8838311530
SNMG 544 M5TP-1003804840
SPG 6348830429570
SNMF 322-T-MD08525M1173040
SEEX 09T 3AFTN-ME07T25M37297140
CNMA 644TP-051727820
CNMG 866-MR7TP-104754318
CNMG 433-MR5TP-301731930
CNMG 432-MF3TP-201765570
CNMG 642-485703852160
CNMG 644-485703826050
CNMA 643 F8830028180
CNMA 643TP-1004791630
CCMT 060208-F2 CR28559140
CCMT 09T 308-F2 CR2856870
CCMX 080308-75HX 9211673640
DNMG 433 E-485603972140
DNMM 442-R4TP-1007150530
DCMT 433-F2TP-201663120
DNMG 432-M3(R3)TP-100203760
DNMG 543-MF3(68)TP-107822840
RCGS 9.525-463704373320
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