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Hy-Tech has purchased two track mills for use in our shop. The installation of these machines will increase our capabilities and decrease our production times.
The continued growth of Hy-Tech Machining Systems has gained recognition from the local community and the city of Anderson.
We are moving forward with our building plans. We have cleared the property and look to break ground as soon as we have the plans worked out.

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Getting Noticed

The continued growth of Hy-Tech Machining Systems over the past several years has raised an eyebrow or two in the local community. The Herald-Bulletin, our local newspaper, recently did an exposť on  Hy-Tech Machining covering our rapid growth and our expansion into a new facility. Hy-Tech would like to thank The Herald Bulletin for their wonderful article and their interest in Hy-Tech's contribution to the community. The complete article can be found here and here.

In addition, Anderson and several other central Indiana towns were listed in Forbes magazine's 100 Best Small U.S. Metros for Business. This is a significant milestone for the city considering the recent closing of several General Motors production facilities. Because of this turn around the city was invited to present some of its success stories to a national conference on the utilization and renovation of distressed properties.  A feature of this presentation was Hy-Tech Machining Systems and our utilization of one of Anderson's "Mothballed Properties" and how that lead to the creation of jobs and the building of our new 100,000 square foot facility. Thanks Anderson for your support, Hy-Tech Machining Systems looks forward to being a staple of the local community for years to come. You can find more information here.

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